How are Western medicine and TCM different?


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) defines disease as being caused by a combination of imbalances in lifestyle, emotions, environment, trauma or invasion by external pathogens. TCM, rather than isolating one specific reason for illness, uses a holistic approach that recognizes the differences in each patient. Once an imbalance in the patient has been identified, TCM treatments include acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na (therapeutic massage), Tai Ji/Qi Gong (movement and breath) and nutrition. 

TCM developed in China, it relied on human trials over thousands of years to determine efficacy of treatments. Although TCM is widely practiced outside the United States; within the United States it is considered an alternative form of medicine and is often used as a complement to Western medicine. TCM can be used to restore and maintain optimal health. Brannan Street Acupuncture is happy to coordinate with your Western medical providers in order to ensure the best possible care and health outcomes.

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