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Dan Abels, L.Ac., is a top provider of safe, effective acupuncture therapy for patients in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, CA, and throughout the Greater San Francisco metro area, offering patients a holistic approach for the relief of chronic and acute conditions, including lower back and hip pain.

Lower Back and Hip Pain Q & A

How is back pain caused?  

Back pain is the most common reason people see a health care provider. Chronic low back pain is the single highest reason for scheduled doctor visits and will affect 80% of Americans at some time in their lives. Back pain can come from muscle strains, ligament sprains, arthritis, and herniated discs. Sciatica will have signs of low back pain with additional pain that can extend from the low back down to the buttocks and even the lower leg. Acupuncture can treat back pain by reducing muscle spasms, relaxing muscles and lessoning the local pain response.

How will back pain be treated? 

Acupuncture can be used to treat both acute and chronic back pain. In severe cases of acute back pain, you may need to call 911 or visit the local hospital before seeking an acupuncture treatment. The sooner you can get acupuncture for acute back pain the better results you will have. Acupuncture can increase the body’s natural healing cycle while inhibiting the pain response. Early treatment can prevent an acute back strain from developing into chronic back pain.

What if I had back pain for a long time?

Back pain that lasts longer than 3 months is considered chronic. Before you consider acupuncture for unexplained back pain, you should consider having a complete Western evaluation to eliminate potentially serious causes such as a tumor pressing on the spine. Even if there has been little reduction in back pain from conventional treatments, acupuncture will often provide relief.

What causes hip pain?

Hip pain can have several causes, including:

  • traumatic injury from a slip-and-fall accident, car accident or other injury

  • osteoarthritis

  • herniated discs

  • sciatica

  • pulled or strained muscles, ligaments or tendons

  • carrying unbalanced loads

Jobs that require long periods of standing or sitting can also contribute to hip pain.

How is hip pain evaluated?

During your initial visit, your hip will be carefully evaluated to determine the location, quality and severity of your symptoms. You'll be asked about your health history, your lifestyle habits, occupational habits and other factors that could contribute to your pain. Depending on your symptoms, your lower back may also be evaluated, and you may be asked to perform certain movements to determine when your painful symptoms occur. The location of your pain can help determine ideal placement of the acupuncture needles, so special care will be taken to ensure the location of the pain is accurately identified.

How does acupuncture treat hip pain?

Acupuncture relies on the body energy channels, or meridians, to help block pain and stimulate a healing response. Based on the information derived from your examination, the treatment meridians that require treatment will be identified, and needle placement sites will be located along those meridians to help block pain sensations and promote tissue healing.

How many treatments will I need?

While some patients may experience relief after a single session, in most cases, multiple treatment sessions will be needed to help your body heal over time. The number of treatments you'll need will depend on lots of factors, including the extent or your pain and its underlying causes. During your initial visit, you can discuss the possible number of visits you may need, but it's also important to know the number of visits can fluctuate during the course of treatment as you make improvements.


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